The most awaited film of this year “Verna“, a film by Shoaib Mansoor was about to release on 17th November’17. After the two blockbuster films like “Bol” and “Khuda Kay Liye”, “Verna” was going to be his third film. As he always tries to tackle very sensitive issues of the women society every time. So this time also he has tried to tackle a very sensitive issue due to which film is now facing problems. As the first premier of “Verna” had to be held on 14 November’17 in Lahore. But due to non-issuing of a censor certificate by the censor board, it got cancelled. Later, On 15th of November Verna film has got banned.


Previously Shoaib’s film “Khuda Ky Liye” also faced such problems. But As it got released, it did not only hit the markets but also broke the records. Shoaib Mansoor always takes a bold topic that’s why his films have to face such problems before releasing. According to sources, the film is facing problems due to bold, mature and edgy content in it. According to the general secretary Sindh Board of Film Censors (SBFC), Abdul Razzaq Khuhawar, the film was objectionable on the basis of its subject.



The idea of Verna film focuses on the rape and its issues that victim has to face. It is about the violence done with women. It took Shoaib Mansoor’s 6 years for the making of this film. The main staring includes Mahira as Sara and Haroon Shahid as Aami. This couple’s married life falls apart as they face some extraordinary circumstances. The story revolves around a concept in which a son of a politician raped a girl. The movie included total 6 songs:

  • 1. “Ashko” by Zaain Ul Abideen
  • 2. “Khushi Ki Baat” by Shoaib Mansoor Richie Robinson & Zeb Bangash
  • 3. “Lafzon Main KharabiThi” by Shuja Haider, AimaBaig & RiazQadri
  • 4. “Power Di Game” by Xpolymer Dar
  • 5. “SambhalSambhal Kay” by Shoaib Mansoor, Zeb Bangash & HaroonShahid
  • 6. “Zinda” by Soch Band


The best part of this movie was that a hardworking Pakistani Rj comes singer Zaain Ul Abideen’s new era of career begins. He was introduced as a playback singer in this movie for the first time. Zaain Ul Abideen is the same singer whose song ” Chue Chue” led him to the peaks of fame. According to him “It was always my dream to become a playback singer since the beginning. The day when Shoaib Mansoor asked me that why don’t I do playback singing for his upcoming film, my most awaited dream came true that day.”

Here’s the amazing song:

Mostly directors hesitate while giving a chance to new singers to sing for their new movies. But Shoaib Mansoor gave him a chance and Zaain did it very well as “Ashko” was a difficult song to sing. People who were waiting for his song “Lamho” must know that it has turned to “Ashko” in the film Verna. Another singer comes actor Haroon Shahid was introduced as the main film star in this movie. Hence, so much new talent was coming forward.


Even after so many positive sides of this film, CBFC has put a ban on the release of Verna. Which is a shameful act and is alternatively as trying to quite a raising voice. As Mahira, Haroon and Zaain were promoting the film at their best, they went to almost everywhere just to promote the film. So due to that height of promotion, the ban on the film has disappointed more.


Denouncing the ban on “Verna”, the Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone also raised her voice: “Yes, It’s sad that a small section of people don’t understand the power of cinema and what it can do to the world. It brings people together, it spreads love, it’s fascinating what cinema can do and it’s sad that a certain group of people choose to not recognise that,” she said.


Unlike other films, it was trying to show the bitter reality of life instead of item songs. In Pakistan, as rape cases are getting increased day by day and the criminal usually runs away. That criminal doesn’t get punish for his crime but Verna film is ban for the sin of raising their voice against this crime. Unfortunately, our censor board usually bans the films whose reality they find it difficult to face. It has been happening since for a long time. The issue is with its subject, but why? Is the subject of the movie to promote rape or to raise voice against it? Is Raising the voice against crime is evil or a sin? Remember that when you do not raise your voice against a crime then it leads to its growth.


Instead of false usage of authority, if we use it correctly and let such film release, we can control a crime like rape. We highly condemn the ban on “Verna Film”.They say that Verna film is about the violence against women but they approve content like “Cheyn aey Na”. Do they really mean ” Violence against women’? Or ” Violence has done with women”? Well, there is a difference and that needs to be understood. They’ll realize, the day when the crime will reach to their own home. We demand SBFC to release “Verna” film not only on its release date but also in its original form without any cuts!




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