Sewage And Drainage Problems In Lahore – Pakistan

Lahore, Sewage System, Solutions


Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, has a population of about 11.13 million and plays a vital part in the country’s financial system. Though, urban infrastructure for instance water providing services, sewerage and drainage system needs to deal with the growth and development of the city. Mainly, the silted or choked gutter lines and drainage canals are severe hazards to the urban atmosphere. The condition make worse in the monsoon time of year causing floods in many spaces and consequential in not only obstacle to traffic and business but also ruin the sanitary surroundings.

Furthermore. The majority of the parks, grounds and sporting places be short of any sewage system. Nearly impossible for the people to utilize these facilities even after a slight rain in the monsoon time of year. Lahore is an old City typically which is made without keeping in view future requirements of the increasing population.

Sewage System:

Sewage system construction and maintenance is very essential as without appropriate removal of waste water numerous types of plague will overcome the society and its surroundings. Moreover, Pakistan is on the whole a water deficit country. Water accessibility is falling gradually. The waste water of industry is also used for irrigation, mainly in Punjab. This water is the reason of pollution of food and health threat also. In rural region, open puddle of waste water are an immense source of different diseases. People of Pakistan are facing exposed sewage systems in the form of open pools, small wells, open drainers etc.

Lahore, Sewage System, Solutions


In Conclusion, Government should introduces new and improved drainage methods. So that these recreational venues could be made useful during the monsoon season. We should try to reduce the input of toxic pollutants. In Addition, Government should made separate sewage and storm water lines. Government need to implement the laws for industries, hospital, schools and market areas on how to dispose and manage the sewage.

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