Fashion is a Social Problem – Pakistan


Situational Analysis Of Issue In Pakistan

Pakistani fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in last twelve to fifteen years. Many famous fashion designers are working in this field and contributing their work to the progress of the industry.Famous Pakistani fashion designers names are Ammar Belal, Nomi ansari, karma, Lajwanti, khaddar, Asifa and Nabeel, Sobia Nazeer, HSY, Maria B, Bee jees and more.This statistic depicts the total of retail net sales in Pakistan from 2013 to 2018. In 2013, Pakistan’s total of retail net sales amounted to about 115.85 billion U.S.

I think that the fashion is important for things as interviews of work but is not such an important thing compared with the health since for not going to the mode you go away to dying. In conclusion to spend a lot of money in clothes costs a sorrow. Fashion has almost nothing to do with good taste. So, fashion is Depending on your personality you may like bright , dark , earthy, glittery colors. Also depending on your mood and scene you may like different stuff at different times. Love it or hate it , fashion is here to stay. The immense impact that fashion has on today’s culture and daily life is evident everywhere you turn. While we are sure that fashion always played a role in the social culture that makes up college campuses , it has never been more apparent . While us extreme interest in the field of fashion may cloud my mind and make ordinary outfits and tastes seem extraordinary, we think we may be on to something .Take a moment to think about your day-to-day life at any point during this day, do you stop and think about what you are wearing, or how good someone else looks ? This is fashion . The fashion business is one that is ever growing , changing and influencing the way we think , act and look .


After work on this project and a reality based video I have found some basic significance about this project . During work I realize myself. Actually in our society the village students are neglected by ourselves due to lack of scene . As we get education we become proudy and we always trying to let down the lower people . This is the fact that this story truly given a sample or complete reflection about injustice of our society .

  • Always Keep On Eye On Your Faults

  • Always Give The Comfort And Use Appreciated Words For Others

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Most of the time we trying to judge the people by their personality, even without doing any conversation. And this is only the wrong thing that we have made many times in our lives. First of all we should talk to somebody and we should diagnose his/her internal qualities and then respect them. Always keep on eye on your faults.

First of all we should judge ourselves and after that we should do critic on other peoples.

  • PEST Analysis


Pest analysis is to identify all factors like Political , Economic ,  Sociological and Technological effects on issue or another type of analysis. It is a strategic tool for understanding market growth or decline , business position , potential and direction for operations. Now we are going to describe all factors that effect on Fashion (a social Problem).

Economical Effect On Fashion Trend


A wide diffusion of wealth and increase in family income is one of the most important factors in speeding up the change in clothing patterns and styles.The middle class always tries to copy the higher class , while the higher class is always changing their styles to stand out from middle class . The competition of fashion between the upper and middle class raise the economic level of the society. Industries can push for things like the buying of locally made items through increased taxation of imports or promotion of items out of recycled products. The increased imports and copying of fashion from the western countries is beneficial in the economic point of view.

Sociological Effect On Fashion Trend

Fashion is a reflection of social and cultural changes. It express modernity and symbolized the spirit of all time. In the previous year , the luxury industry has been concerned on benefit ability and its quality has become the secondary objections. The production of the finest mechanisms is no longer. The main attention is that what the product is to and what it represent.

Technology Effect On Fashion Trend


As in other way , new technologist have begun to revolutionized how business in the fashion industry operator. New technologist are not only changing how the modern fashion enterprise function , but also how its product interact with a consumer whose purchasing behavior is constantly reshaped. Technology of fashion is supporting the modernization supply demand of the society and thus helping it.

Political Effect On Fashion Trend


Fashion and Politics have a long and multidimensional relationship. Fashion’s Political voice taking on a wide variety of guises inside and outside of pillars of state. Fashion business practices also have inextensible links to political ambition , offering a conduit for societal ambition of the state. The Politicians of Pakistan also need to dress up so that they becomes appealing personality. Like Imran Khan and Maryam Nawaz who are becoming a fashion icon for the Nation.


FASHION is actually the inherited mental state of an individual. It can be possible that perception about the fashion of one person is different from the other. For one’s it would be a fashion but for other it can be mock. Fashion is a good thing some time it support society, such as hijab, nowadays is a fashion but sometimes it turn harm when people impose their fashion mentality on others. Need of hour is to reduce the harmful consequences about fashion and it can be reduce by following.

Firstly, to reduce the problem of fashion is to “let people live in their own skin”. We should change our mentality about the dressing sense of people. Unfortunately, in our society people are judged by their fashion or styles. If we stop judging people by their clothes then it will be easy for them to live their lives as they want.

Secondly, stop criticizing and mocking.If we stop criticizing and stop making fun of their styles then fashion would not be an issue at all in fact we can get many financial , religious and social advantages. Some people from the backward areas don’t know the proper sense of dressing and other are those who have not enough money to buy the clothes which are in trend , so these are the people who are actually facing the fashion problem.

Finally, let people live in their own styles and glamour because everyone has its own style of living.

Attitude is an expression of the feelings and values are their motivating forces or directional forces that help the consumer to make a decision. In case of a value-expressive attitude toward a product , the consumers are motivated to consume it as a form of self-expression. This growing trend of self awareness for one’s look has influenced every aspect of Generation Z individual behavior and is reflected in every sphere starting from social media platforms to real life purchase decisions.This phenomenon of emboldened self expression and preference for no holds barred anonymous style has challenged the core social agenda of forecasting agencies.

ter.jpg Thus it has pushed the forecasting agencies to reconsider the parameters of forecasting ushering in a new environment for modeling. The most befuddling is the unpredictable nature of selfie composition patterns leaving behind only the function of expression that is to increase one’s social media presence and carve a niche for himself or herself. So, the trend of the day is self expressive anonymous style that tends to remove social prejudices about fashion in the society. The lenience is towards flaunting what is theirs in spite of mimicking others rather going all the way to savor and appreciate what they and their close knit friends in the group engage and unravel upon. Further today’s anonymous style trends opens up the societal expressions unheard and unseen ever before just evocative of the spirit of our moments that does not bother whether the content is worth artistic and meaningful which could give a hint or two about the individuals real existence and real needs.

 Advocacy Campaign Messageuy

As we know that our generation is going from a very critical phase because we made the concept of upper and lower class and induce ourself into shell where we think that if someone wear good clothes then people thinks how fashionable he/she is but if we see on other hand  that our generation is spoiling because of developing upper and lower class with that our peoples communication also disturb and this is because as a nation we don’t follow islam if we follow islam then there will no such problems in our society.


I think fashion is not just like to express yourself in term of wear your good cloths and having a good lifestyle if we see fashion with islamic point of view i think fashion to care one another and  made our living standard so simple that our nation will may not suffered from this we can only done this by follow islam because every problems solution is in Quran now it’s up to us how we see and get out from this disease.


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