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Few weeks ago, I asked a series of questions about pregnancy safety and how women should be given awareness about raising a healthy child inside the body. So here I am going to discuss some issues that most of the women face during and after pregnancy and the issues related to forceful pregnancy, especially in rural areas.

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Pregnancy is of 40 weeks

People assume that the earlier you wait for delivery of baby, the better it is. They are all wrong. A baby requires maximum time for proper growth inside a mother’s body. Pregnancy demands a lot of care of the infant as well as the mother.

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Pregnancy is not a disease, but requires prevention from other diseases

A lot of women assume as if pregnancy is a disease. No it’s not. Actually it’s the Progesterone hormone that causes harms to body organs and muscles. However, these effects are temporary. Although you have to bear some normal issues like headache, muscular pain, acidity, nausea, vomits, dizziness, sleepiness, laziness, and difficulty to walk or sleep. However, if you have less vitamins, platelets, red and white blood cells, haemoglobin, high or low blood pressure issues, continuous constipation, diabetes, bacterial or viral infections especially in case if the attack is in Ear Nose Throat (ENT) region, and other complications, then you need to look after yourself. Continuous checkup with a good gynecologist can help you a lot. I will recommend you to have regular checkups.

Coughs can cause increase in muscular pains so you must take care of ENT. Remember that you can’t take any antibiotics during your pregnancy. Always ask for medication from your gynecologist. As per doctors, panadol is safe as a pain killer. However, you have to avoid other medicines without prescription of your consultant gynecologist. Keep a check on all complications. Negligence can harm you as well as your baby.

I recommend that you should keep on having your regular medical tests. This will tell you about your body conditions. Remember, you can’t neglect your health in any case.

Pregnancy demands care

You can not consider being the same in pregnancy, as you are in normal days. Progesterone has effects on your whole body. You can’t walk fast, move speedily through the stairs, jump, overstress your belly by any uncomfortable postures, do more work than what your body can tolerate, over stress yourself, or takE less sleep. Whenever you feel exhausted or tired, lie down on a soft bed.

Take care of your diet. Avoid anything that can harm you, even if it may be spicy, or oily, or heavy to digest. Avoid junk food. You must avoid foods that may harm the little creature inside you. Avoid poor hygiene foods. Don’t stay hungry for long hours.

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Take pain killers as per need only. Your feet may swell up. Dip them in bearable hot water or ask someone to do feet message. Sleep in a comfortable posture. Avoid putting stress on your belly while you are asleep.

Gender recognition is from man, not from woman

In most our societies, women get the blame for bearing a girl child. Some cultures kill the mothers and their unborn girls considering them as disrespect to the world. They even kill the newborn baby girls because they want the mothers to produce boys only.

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Science says that there are two kinds of chromoses (elements that determine gender). One is X and one is Y. A man has XY chromosomes and a woman has XX chromosomes. So a baby can be normal, having XY or XX chromosomes, or it can be abnormal, having XXY, XXX, or XYY chromosomes. The Y chromosome determines the gender of the baby. So next time someone puts the women to blame for a baby’s gender, shove the science research into such a man’s brain.

pregnancy - gender recognition by man

Men should never compare their 8 – 14 hours paid job with women’s 24/7 unpaid Job

Some men declare professional life of their wives as home job, such as cooking, house chores and the baby sitting. They suppose only women have to raise a child. Fathers earn, so when they come home, they should not see mess, no cooked food, no dirty or crying kids and so on. They forget, a wife does 24/7 unpaid job and she never gets the appreciation. Firstly, marriage life is not a job for husband or wife. It’s a sacred duty. Secondly, professional life is same for both man and woman. If a woman chooses to be a housewife, it should be a choice for her. It should not be inforced on her.

Pregnancy requires better understanding and support of husband

Having good in-laws is luck. However, husband needs to support and understand his wife during pregnancy. He shouldn’t leave her unattended. He needs to understand about the needs of his pregnant wife. I suggest that husbands should support their wives when they wish to stop conceiving more babies, or if they wish for gap between kids, or if they wish to have a painless delivery every time. Husbands should have sound knowledge about contraceptive measures and they should give this awareness to their wives as well. Husbands should never enforce pregnancy on women without their willingness.

Gap between kids is essential, for better upbringing

Some people focus on producing children only, but never on their upbringing, and their needs. As a result, kids are ignored and they become uncontrollable when they grow up. Parents should do appropriate planning for kids and leave the rest on Allah. Each child deserves appropriate care, attention, support, and love. Less kids are easier to manage always. Psychology says that ignored kids are aggressive, depressed, discouraged, dull, weak, less imune to diseases, less responsive, and bad at behavior with others.

Final Advice

Dear ladies, take care of yourself always. Dear men, respect your women and don’t overburden them, during and after pregnancy. My cent of advice for women, is to join baby center. They give you notifications about pregnancy every week. You can opt to receive emails from them. They will tell you week by week progress inside your body. You can subscribe your husband’s email ID as well. In this way he will also know what is happening inside you, from medical point of view.


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