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Most awaited song “Lamho” by Zaain ul Abideen, turns out to be “Ashko”. Zaain Ul Abideen is the person who initiated his career from a radio channel. Later on, he released his song “Chue Chue” in 2009. That memorable song which stayed in top 10’s chart for a number of weeks. The song led him to the nomination for lux style awards and that was the time when he reached the peaks of fame. So the same Zaain is now playing his role as a playback singer singing “Ashko”. Verna, a film by Shoaib Mansoor have been a highlighted news since past few days. Ashko is going to be the same film’s original soundtrack (OST).

Let’s have a look towards the journey from Lamho to Ashko. A few days ago in a live Facebook video, Zaain shared the complete journey of “Lamho” to “Ashko”.  As Zaain told us, Lamho was the song he received as a gift from his friend GulRaj Singh from India. He announced first that he is going to release Lamho soon this year. But Later on, it didn’t come after a long time too, then his fans asked about it. According to Zaain “When I showed my song Lamho to Shoaib Mansoor, he said that it just fits his film, Verna. He asked me that why don’t I do playback singing for his film. As to become a playback singer was always my dream so my most awaited dream came true that day.”

When, We asked Zaain that why there was a need to replace “Ashko” from “Lamho”? He said “Because the situation of the film we had to change some lyrics, So Shoaib did.Then the lyrics came as Ashko instead of Lamho. But don’t worry, after the release of the film, I’ll release the ‘Lamho’ version as well.”
If we look at the lyrics of Ashko, then we can divide them into two parts. The first part includes some motivational lyrics, which are:
Thame raho
Thame raho. kuch intezar karo
Lamho. ruke raho na
Ruke raho. kuch intezar karo
Abhi koi jeeta hai kahan
Haare abhi hain kahan hum
Baazi abhi to baaki hai
Maat hone to do

As he is trying to motivate someone to not to lose hope. These lyrics give us an impact as someone is about to give up on some gaming situation. So these lyrics are to motivate and to let him know that the game is not over yet. Do not give up until the end even if you get fail in the result. Another part of the song lyrics is bit depressing and complaining. Which Says:

Aankhe dekhti reh jati hai
Pyaare rukhsar hojate hain
Peeche reh jane walu ko
Jeevan bhar ke aansu dekar, aaram se sojate hain
Roshniyan cheen ke, jaane kahan andheyarun mai ghum hojate hai
Ooo. ashko
In the above lyrics, we can easily find that there is an impact of complaining. Maybe that complain is, from the rapist in film Verna. Who has spoiled someone’s life and now he sleeps peacefully. After snatching the dreams from someone’s eyes and destroying someone’s life, he has been disappeared. While the victim is left behind, with the lifetime tears and darkness. So we can say that Ashko is a motivational plus depressing song at a time.

Ashko is basically a slow, mellow and a low pitch song. Unlike Zaain’s previous songs, it is not a romantic number. According to Zaain “Ashko was the hardest song of the film, to sing.” But as we can see, he has done it very well! Shoaib Mansoor himself wrote its lyrics, while GulRaj Singh did its music composition. It was sung by none other than Zaain ul Abideen. The film Verna has been released and now is in cinemas. We wish Zaain and the whole Team Verna All the Very Best!


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