Things to keep in your bag

Mostly working women are always in hurry to go because they have to manage their work as well as their home at a time. So they are mostly seen getting ready while travelling, but the most hectic thing for them is that when there any necessary stuff missing from their bag. So the tip is to keep your bag stuff seperate from your dressing table’s stuff, do not take the things out of your bag at home. Let’s discover the 5 things to keep in your bag always, and you are ready to go even if u sit in your car just after a face wash.


Always keep some joora pins, bobby pins, a catcher and a band in your bag. So that you can make any hairstyle you want according to the place you are going for. Like making a bun while going to office or shopping, or a half updo while going out with friends, or a high pony while going to someone’s home. Never forget to keep a small cute suitable hair brush too, according to your bag size.


Always keep some deodrant or any of your favourite perfume in your bag, to get rid of that smelly effect whenever going to meet someone after office or work. Remember your personality effect matters a lot by that sweaty smell or a sweet smell comes from you to the person sitting next to you. Even you yourself feel fresh by getting your favourite smell around you.

Make-up stuff is the obvious part of every girl’s bag, but be careful that you do not miss any necessary item. As you can not get enough time to make a perfect base by sitting in car, so keeping a foundation in your bag is just useless. Try keeping a perfect concealer and a compact instead as even just applying the compact on your face gives your face a fresh look. Try to keep two lip colors, one should be a light shade while other one should be the bright one, so that you can apply any of them according to your dress and mood. Don’t forget to keep a four shade blush kit with you, as blush gives an instant bright look to your face. Don’t waste your space by keeping a time taking cosmetic like eye liner or eye pencil, keep a kajal and mascara instead. Last but not least don’t forget to keep a beauty blender in your make-up accessories, as blending is the most important aspect of over all make-up.


Always keep some eatables like biscuits, chips, some packaged mini cakes, chocolate or anything you like. So that you may get an instant supplement to your cravings anytime, anywhere, even if you miss your breakfast. But remember do not replace your breakfast with these snacks, just depend on them very rarely when necessary. Eat them during or after work just to supplement your hunger for sometime, as it effects your health to stay hungry for a long.


Now have a look towards some important miscellanious things to keep in your bag. A mirror, that is the base of all things as you can not get a perfect look doing anything without mirror. Some mouth freshner or bubble gum so that no smelly effect from our mouth while talking to anyone. A facewash, so that you may wash your face after every few hours or anywhere you find washroom so that no oil should stay for a long time on your face. Some toilettry like tissue papers, han sanitizer or necessary things to be kept in a private pocket so that if you may get sudden and unexpected periods anywhere so no worries(ssshhshh). An extra key of your home, so even if you forget to bring the actual one, you can at least enter your home.

By following above 5 things to keep in your bag, you can avoid so many tensions and worries while leaving the home, and you are good to go anywhere and anytime now. 🙂


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